Here are some common questions and answers

We use a special process that
bonds the ashes into sterling silver

Memorial jewellery incorporates your beloved pet's ashes or fur into a piece of jewellery, creating a lasting tribute to your cherished companion.

After you've requested a commissioned portrait and we've discussed the details, we will ask you to email several clear photographs of your pet. We advise sending high-quality pictures that capture your pet's features well, as the better the quality of the pictures, the more accurately we can achieve a likeness.

The time required to complete a commission varies for each portrait and may be influenced by existing orders, as we occasionally operate with a waiting list. It is important to understand that each portrait is carefully hand-drawn and painted, necessitating a considerable amount of time to ensure completion. Crafting a masterpiece requires patience and meticulous attention to detail to authentically represent the essence and character of your cherished pet. 

Just email us, and we'll respond to discuss the commission details, or you can pay for a commission slot, and we will reach out to you.

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